A UK house renovation costs spreadsheet to insipre, predict, track and control home refurbishment budget

Downloadable Renovation Budget

  • If you're looking for a UK house renovation costs spreadsheet to calculate how much it would cost to refurbish a ‘fixer-upper’ property, here it is!

    I'm in your shoes, I've designed this costs spreadsheet to help me track finances for my own refrubs and flips.

    But dont panic its not all excell, its got an added extra, it conencts to your mood board, be in it pinterest or something you saw on instagram. 

    With my download you can pin external websites aslwell, seen a to die for bathroom online? save it here. 

    With this tool ive been able to save ideas, build an inspiration list, store prices and quotes but also control costs. You can adapt your budegt and put in a contingecy incase any unforeseen costs arise.

    Whether you're spending £300 or £100,000, buying this planner could be the best money you've ever spent.

  • The Refurbishment Budget Planner spreadsheet includes:

    • An easy to use spreadsheet calculator (works with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel)

    • Clear formulas show how much your refurbishment costs will total (overall or filter by room)

    • Editable contingency plan 

    • A free tutorial video to walk you through how to use the spreadsheet

    • Mood baord and inspiration section 

    • A place to track and categorise every single outgoing during your hectic build/renovation which prevents costs spiralling

    • Alerts to show you if you spent more or less than your budget

    • A payment tracker section, who do you pay and when or whos already been paid, so you can budget the payments

    • A column to clearly document your quotes, contractors details and product details in one place

    • Simple to use for all rooms of your house, or filter by just one room

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