A UK property investment check sheet, with prompts and details on what i look for before offering on a house

Downloadable PDF Opportunity Calculator

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£2.38Sale Price
  • If you're looking for a UK property as an investment here's a PDF prompt sheet of how i calculate its potential. Suitable for a ‘fixer-upper’ property, a flip, buy to let, buy;rent;refurbish;refiancne project.

    I'm in your shoes, I've viewed thousands of houses trying to establish if they are suitable. I’ve designed this PDF to share my knowledge and tips on what I look out for, how I approach a property even before viewing.

    But don’t panic it’s not excel.

    With my download you can have me on your team, saving time and effort without leaving the comfort of your lap top.

  • The PDF includes:

    • How I work out the offer price
    • How to assess the area, inc type of tenant it would likely achieve
    • How I project its future potential value
    • Questions and prompts to ask the seller