As all great salespeople know, the art of good prospecting begins with a single mindset shift—it’s not leads you’re after, it’s a long-lasting relationship.


However, being a property sourcer is quite different from being any other kind of salesperson. You’re not only  trying to introduce a buyer for the bricks and mortar value, you’re are also approaching someone to sell their grandma’s house or perhaps someone’s childhood home. It could be you’re helping a divorcing couple through a painful phase of their lives.


Property is a ‘Home’ to most people and one that nurtures families and memories.


The templates focus on three factors:










Don’t be lured in by the Pay Per Click campaigns, people still love receiving letters by post, both young and old.


Not what you’d expect of the generation that grew up with tech?


Well, funnily enough, they appreciate people that speak directly to them and offer a personalized experience.


I’ve included in this bundle letters for:


1. Noticed you have been on the market a while.


2. Noticed your sale has fallen through.


3. Noticed your property has been withdrawn from the Estate Agency.


4. Noticed you have reduced in price.


5. Noticed your property is empty.


If you want to have the best shot at getting the phone to ring, these are for you—and this is what they’re meant to do—however relationships, trust building and consistency is key.


The letter’s are designed to spark a connection and lay the first brick to a foundation of trust.


If you can follow that up on a call your winning. However if you don’t hear from them from one direct letter, I would encourage you to write again and follow up using my templates as a guide. 


If there is one particular property you are keen to reach out to the owner of you can search for the owners name on land to make your letter even more personal.


Top professionals in property understand they are in the people business, they don’t buy and sell houses, they get people happily involved in owning property by satisfying a sellers needs.


If it's time to say goodbye to trawling the portals, and Google Maps for house numbers and information then consider a much smarter and simpler way to generate your canvassing leads. There are many paid tools available on the market for generating this data.


Note that you should only be canvassing direct to vendor if you are a registered compliant sourcer, there are rules and regulations surrounding prospecting and each letter should contain a disclaimer such as:


NB: If your property is currently on the market with an estate agent, please consider the terms of your contract with them, as, depending on the wording of their contract, you may become liable for estate agency fees.

Direct to Vendor Prospecting letter templates