A bumper package of initial and follow-up letters to get the seller calling you! using proven language to build trust and filled with call to action prompts. 


A total of 10x letter templates.


If your looking for something to set you apart from your competitors look no further. We all know that consistency provides results. If you have obtained the data and sent a letter, don't just leave it at that, follow it up.


Here you will find a 2022 updated bumber pack of letters with more friendly call to action prompts to get your phone rigning!


As with the standard pack my templates focus on three factors:










But with the added bonus of conveniently giving you a letter two template. Your going to be consistent using this two tiered approach. 


Don’t be lured in by the Pay Per Click campaigns, people still love receiving letters by post, both young and old.


Not what you’d expect of the generation that grew up with tech?


Well, funnily enough, they appreciate people that speak directly to them and offer a personalized experience.


Whats included in this bumper pack of letters; 


2x. Noticed you have been on the market a while templates. one initial letter plus a follow-up letter. 


2x Noticed your sale has fallen through templates. one initial letter plus a follow-up letter.


2 x Noticed your property has been withdrawn from the Estate Agency templates. one initial letter plus a follow-up letter.


2x. Noticed you have reduced in price templates. one initial letter plus a follow-up letter.


2x. Noticed your property is empty templates. one initial letter plus a follow-up letter.


That's 10 letters for us to customise! 


If you want to have the best shot at getting the phone to ring, these are for you—and this is what they’re meant to do—however relationships, trust building and consistency is key.


The letter’s are designed to spark a connection and lay the first brick to a foundation of trust.


If you can follow that up on a call your wi