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Mood boards

Here’s a peak at my mood board for the en-suite in the 1930’s refurb project. First off, I don’t use them for every project. They are time consuming and generally the buy to let properties I work on follow a cookie cutter model with a few interesting feature variations, however on a massive refurb project like the 1930’s semi its imperative!

Here’s why

· It help’s to align the vision I have with the rest of the team involved. From the architect and builder to the plumber . I find an image I like and pop it on a board to discover themes and materials, that they might not have previously considered.

· Every room should feel a certain way, when you enter it, but this feeling can be challenging to convey through drawings and descriptions. A quality mood board helps to fill in these sensory gaps.

· This loose design feel allows you to explore different styles, with very little risk. Its less costly than trying to revise building works that’s already been designed or materials ordered.

· It helps me make quicker decisions. Ensuring before I make a change or purchase it fits the property design flow from room to room. I am terrible for loving a feature such as a bright green tile for the W/C , when it just doesn’t fit with he flow.

· It helps me use materials sensibly, if I like the kitchen flooring and I’ve got a specialist fitter lined up I ask myself, where else could I use that material and workman. Would that flow into the hallway and bathroom too?

If you are embarking on a refurb I have a renovations calculator what includes your mood board design ! its on the website under downloads.

For this I used pinterest as my go to for inspiration. I stumbled on a blog from almost makes perfect http://almostmakesperfect.com/ and I fell in love with her bathroom. I wanted to re create that in our 1930’s semi property renovation.

Her blog is super informative and told me all about the products and where to find them. But of course they are not based in the UK, so started a long google hunt for a product called merlex. The builder looked at me like I was mad and yet I kept looking. Only to stumble on tadelakt then microcement. I knew there had to be a UK product, supplier and workman capable of making this come to life for me!

We've just had a quote this week and were meeting with the bathroom designer again to finalise the taps, basin, shower tray. I cant wait to show you the finished result !

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