• Alaine Bradbury

Get Savvy on the Rules & Regulations #tip3

Don’t ignore your obligations and the requirements, before you undertake any work check with the builder, architect, solicitor or relevant people if you need; planning permission, to meet building regulations, aim to use the party wall act, or need leaseholders permission; any restrictive covenants?

If you fail to get planning permission, you can apply retrospectively, but if this fails you may have to undo alterations or extensions. If your looking at a listed building altering without consent is a criminal offence. If you fail to get Building Regulations approval, you will have to prove compliance. This may mean undoing completed work.

If you fail to observe the Party Wall Act, it can lead to an injunction and delay your project whilst you get an agreement in place not to mention the upset with neighbours. Breaching a restrictive covenant or the terms of a lease can lead to an injunction, most management agents are pretty hot on this one and you may have to make a financial settlement or remove your alterations or extensions.

Its just worth checking all of these before you embark on a project. A god builder will know the basics but you should always seek to ask a legal professional if your not sure. A small cost now saves a headache later on.

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