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Embarking on a property journey in the later years of life

Let me introduce you to Stephanie

This post had so many different twists and turns in my head, its been on paper for over a week. What angle did I want to tell Stephanie’s story from?

I’ve been reading a book about untamed women, I picked up the book the day I left my meeting with Stephanie/ Steph and haven’t put it down since. Funny that I don’t consider that a coincidence.

I wanted to share Stephanie’s story with you because she doesn’t fit, perhaps some may describe her as an unconventional woman. I see her as one of the most empowering women I know. Her story flickers from property to life’s challenges, to spirituality and growth then back to bricks and mortar. Embarking on a property journey in her later years of life,(69) she’s rediscovering lots of things about herself: discovering what she is capable of.

For the ease of storytelling I’ll start at the start.

12 months ago, 24 months after her husband John had passed away, by chance, or fate, our paths crossed during a yoga session which was based in rural France.

Steph and John had been married for twenty eight wonderful years and although it was very clear that Steph was still raw in her grief, she was looking for some guidance on her inherited properties based in the UK.

When speaking with Steph she told me that “John would look after the properties and the finances throughout our marriage, he would always tell me not to worry, that everything would be ok.”

When I was in Steph’s company, I couldn’t help but notice that we had very similar outlooks on both finance and life, and with everything that the past two years had thrown at her I was determined to help her by rebuilding her confidence around her property portfolio.

When you look at Steph, she has the essence of a creative. Her hair is pink. She wears bright lipstick. Steph has a positive and friendly aura which makes her stand out from the crowd and gives a long-lasting impression on the people she meets; her personality is magnetically interesting.

Throughout the conversations we shared we went through so many creative changes from Osho (A twentieth-century Indian guru), whom she studied under some years ago; to more pressing topics such as mortgage rates and repair obligations. We danced from subject to subject.

Grief is so personal. I know from working alongside Steph for the last 12 months, that there are times when she has no fears about taking on the world. However, there are times when she simply feels overwhelmed by it all.

For Steph, having to learn about property whilst under pressure and to make many decisions during those times of overwhelm and intense emotions, only added to the feeling that everything was just simply out of her control.

During these times it was my job is to listen and focus on her needs.

I sat with her honouring her emotions, understanding how I could make things easier for her and interpreting how I could alleviate any of her stress.

I wanted to support and lift her up by carrying some of the weight that was burdening her.

I turned Steph’s needs into tangible actions; actions that we were both accountable for by taking positive steps forward and reaching for the desired end goal.

Now in her later years of life,(69) she’s rediscovering lots of things about herself: discovering what she is capable of... and although I offer business support on properties, helping her means more to me than that.

By working with Steph I’ve relieved some of my own personal pressures and grown alongside her. I’ve been inspired by her.

I’ve discovered that you have a lifetime to create, re create, define, rub out and start again. You can write it in sand (preferably French beach sand) and let the waves wash it away.

Now we’ve turned a point I feel happy to share her Story, with her permission.

The new-found confidence and capability has led Steph into making some important decisions about her properties, of which, she has let two of them go.

She based her reasons on the fact that they just simply weren’t working for her financially, and in addition they were not great for her karma. Although she has made some tough decisions already Steph’s current priority is to overcome her mental blocks and barriers based around her money and finances.

For me, my current priority is to find Steph properties and opportunities that will give her a monthly cashflow, with limited hands-on aspects for her. It is my role to remove the stress from the process of property sourcing and portfolio building and encourage her with a “can do” approach to it all.

Property investors aren’t alike. They come from all walks of life and all have differing goals and aspirations.

For me what lies behind the numbers and the service I provide, is my passion. It’s with this passion that I am determined to help Steph live out her dreams and aspirations to their full potential.

The greatest thing that I am witnessing is that in recent times more and more women like Steph are unconventionally making “buy-to-let” investments They are being attracted to it through its stable reputation in the “buy-to-let” property investment market.


Some numbers for you;

Figures show that women investors are now accountable for 47% of the 2.5 million “buy-to-let” property owners in the UK.

This is up from 46% on the previous year.

According to research conducted by London Estate Agents Ludlow Thompson, the figures are starting to show a greater narrowing in the gender gap through the investment class.

HMRC data has also shown that the number of female residential property landlords rose by 1.1 million in 2017.

I am proud to say that women are now becoming savvy in the “buy-to-let” investment market. The reflection of how property has become an increasingly popular investment among women is evident in those that I have l had the pleasure of meeting whether it has been through pure chance or through networking or via my sourcing business.

I am so proud that Steph is flying the flag high, and proudly for all females taking the leap into property investment; for those who are overcoming grief; and for the women who are redefining their place in the world as well many older women who are reaching out to create an impact on their own future.

If you’re looking to pursue your dreams by investing in property why don’t you book a consultation with me and we can chat over how I can help you turn your dreams into a reality.

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