• Alaine Bradbury

Choose to Challenge; Property ownership for women

In the year I was born 1983, only 9.8% of mortgages were taken out by single women. Back in the 1970’s women who took employment breaks to have children weren’t classed as continually employed so couldn’t lend without a male guarantor.

Although women today are taking up independent property ownership more and more there are still the pay gap issues on housing affordability.

When you look at property investment that again is a similar story; there are fewer female investors in property. Lots of data and research is available in this area, although I know from my own experience there are hurdles to jump. As a single mum working part-time I had lots of sleepless nights trying to actualize my property ambitions.

Sources still show that not only do women tend to earn less but the average retirement fund in the UK for females is around £35,000 whist men are at £141,000.

If you follow me on Social Media you'll know I like to be open and share my experiences in property investment, to simply encourage other women to build a better independent financial future.

If you are a female on the property investment ladder then I applaud you!

This Wednesday I'm taking part in a fireside chat, on Zoom with Women's Equality Leeds. make yourself a cuppa or pour a glass of wine, everyone is welcome.