• Alaine Bradbury

A guide to viewing investment properties (with bonus property viewing checklist!)

Viewings can be intimidating, certainly when you have little idea what you are meant to be looking for. If you have the seller or estate agent present it can be even more nerve racking. I know, I’ve been in your shoes. I have viewed thousands of houses in my 15 year career.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see all of the market, from run down auction properties with collapsed ceilings to high end prestige homes upwards of one point five million pounds (yes that’s prestige in the north).

So I created a viewing sheet checklist to share with you.

Some of the pros when using a checklist are;

  • You’ll be able to calculate rough refurbishment costs

  • You’ll have something to look back on after the viewing

  • If your not 100% on the ball during the viewing this will focus your attention

This is based on my subjective experience and what I have learnt so far, I also have a viewing video which you may find useful.

Viewing Checklist
Download PDF • 280KB

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