Abandoned Project haslingden

This property I sourced has to be one of my favorites

This house (property deal) came to me by way of a local solicitor. I have worked with them for several years referring my investors and they called me stating a sale had fallen through and did i have anyone to step in. Of course I did.


I know you shouldn't fall in love with property but this one i did. There was so much potential with this property to extend out to the side, adding more bedrooms and reception rooms. The location is highly desirable, the stone exterior beautiful and the views amazing.


The seller had started the project but had been unable to complete it due to personal reasons. They had already had a sale fallen through so being introduced to me helped solve the immediate problem.


It was already back to brick and the kitchen intended to be used already sitting waiting. I looked at the cost to finish the renovation V's return, then the cost to extend to the side V's the return. It was a no brainer! it works better and i felt the property deserved it. 

This was a straight forward source for me so I’m not involved on the project management side. In this PDF i share with you the financial details of the deal packaging; 



I've gone in depth with the details on this deal so feel free to scroll down to the videos, photos, floor plans ect to immerse yourself in the property. I have no doubt i will be calling in on the project over the next few months so check out my instagram for more details.